Hello all and thank you for reading this. My timeline: Born. Adopted at 5 months so I packed up my diapers and moved to Chicago. Lovely childhood running the streets of the South Side (Sorry, White Sox, I’m with the Cubbies. GO BEARS!) Graduated from Princeton, married at 23, grad school in Belgium, back to the States, moved to Oregon and had our son. The force field around Oregon renders birth control useless so I had two daughters. Discovered what combats the Oregon force field: vasectomy. Moved to WA State then Texas then Taiwan and then I kind of moved to Hong Kong part-time and then to California. Still very married and very happy because my husband is smart, loving and sexy. I love animals, always have. I spell and drive well. Nothing but vanity motivates me to work out and eat well (I look good, like really, really good). I love cities, especially London and Taipei but I don’t live in a city right now so I’m restless. I’ve never published anything in my life but I’m thinking about trying to figure it out.


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  2. Tanya Schmid · March 27, 2019

    I absolutely loved your story! I, too, was a bit unnerved by the audacity of your drunken dolls, but I laughed out loud so many times while reading this…tears rolling down my face when you asked Aunt Gerry to repeat that…OMG! Congrats on a terrific tale. See you in the Short Story Class at Stanford! Thanks for making my day, Tanya


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